The sun’s kissed me raw

The sun’s kissed me raw, leaving redness and rashes that will fade me away into a darker shade as a lasting souvenir of having been here, in this place. Your lips have kissed me warm, stamping the tenderness of your soul with every touch, leaving my body overcome… leaving me branded with your mark. As the burn soothes and I get dark, so will I trace over your lips on my body every day like a guiding star, pressing my fingers into them so many times the skin smoothens down like a scar, and I never have to wonder where you’ve been, or where you are. You are here, right here in my skin, I can point to exactly where, and my God do I love you. Your heart is so powerful and your love is so rare; your touch lingers on me like venom, and I scratch but it still itches until I close my eyes and I have you memorized. Once, twice, three times it has broken my heart to leave you. This time I take with me your kiss, and the sun has burned you so deep into my skin, and I am darker and deeper and I will see you again before I pale. I’ve had you in my heart, but now I’ve found you in my arms, and I will never leave without you again.

Ashley Wylde
March 23rd, 2015

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