You tell me to get some sleep, love
And suddenly I can’t close my eyes
There’s a timepiece in my chest
All my breaths are closing blinds
And opening them again
As if the light were coming in
But it’s the middle of the night
And darkness is not
My friend.

You tell me I am patient
You tell me he is kind
It’s clear that we are hopeful
You tell me it’s my mind

I wonder if you know the ways my mind twists me awake to think of all the fates impossible
I’d rather die than fake
I wonder if you know the ways my darkness pins me worthless to the worth of less than I deserve and more than I’ve had and nothing compared to mornings the sun rises through my window
My mind
The darkness
I’ve already given you a key
I sit up tonight and worry that when you remember, when you go for the doorknob, when you get in knee-deep… Maybe…. A mind like mine
Is dangerous enough to love
And too dangerous to keep

Ashley Wylde
May 15th, 2015

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