Beginner’s guide to the life aimless:

Beginner’s guide to the life aimless:
You will find your solitude both
and excruciating
You will find company that both
calls to you
and eludes you
Your fingers will callous from tapping
Your brow from creasing
Your twitches and ticks will become your best friends
and you’ll come to feel as though the distant sound of human movement is
Ever too loud
Ever encroaching
feels like suffocating
feels like you should
stuff your calloused fingers deep
into your infantile ears
until your
is all you can hear

You will wonder, for some part of every day,
whether the beaten path might’ve been the better way
You will break hearts,
mostly your own
and you will walk circles
and come back to the same decisions
to the same pain
and the same painful realization
that this is what you’ve got –

You’ll make yourself a weapon
You’ll learn to disarm
You’ll make pointed guns from pointers
and added targets from advice
and you’ll become yours
You’ll become your own.
You’ll be aimless
Aimless becomes home


Ashley Wylde
April 15th, 2016

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