Day 30 – 1973 Aristocrat Lo-Liner Travel Trailer Renovation

SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED! I’m going to break recent updates into two posts. This post will cover everything that happened up until I left for VidCon 2016 on June 23rd. The next post will cover everything that’s happened with the trailer since I returned from Anaheim!



My partner Shana came up for a weekend to help with Judy before I left, and while she cleaned the floors inside, I made SO MUCH progress on the buffing! This stuff is no joke. I expected to have it finished in a week, and it has taken me all summer.

The thing that makes the buffing so difficult is that is fatigues your joints – not only your knuckles and wrists, but also your neck and shoulders, your elbows, and your knees. You have to get in such a specific position for the drill bit to be effective that it takes a huge toll on your body.

When it comes to the buffing, any and all progress is celebrated, because it is such a grueling endeavor.


I also opened the battery box (sans battery) for the first time since bringing Judy home, and had to find the spot to plug the trailer into an outlet which was wayyyy up in the top left corner, to the point where I spent ten minutes with my entire forearm inside the trailer trying to get the plug to go in before I realized that the outlet was upside down.


I finally got it in though, and got the trailer hooked up to power! The lights were working inside and it was a momentous occasion which I celebrated with a cold Easy Street after a long day of hard work.



As I mentioned earlier, while I was trucking away at buffing off the paint, my partner Shana was going to town on the linoleum floors! Using vinegar water (diluted 10:1) and a dollar store scrub brush, she got dirt out of the floor that I had assumed was just a part of the tile pattern!


Pictures on the left is the kind of grime that had been allowed to build up over the years, and on the right you can see the result of some serious elbow grease – a floor that actually looks like it could be in a place that someone would live.

After the floor was clean, and all the dirt build up was out of the nooks and crannies (thank you, Shana, for your diligence!), I was able to get in there with some Big Gap Filler and fill in some holes that would potentially let in drafts/pests/water/the elements.


Also pictured here is some caulking that I did to ensure that areas that didn’t have *gaps* were still sealed. Because the flooring is old, it is curled up in some places where it hits the edges of the trailer. I used a staple gun to secure the linoleum down on the edges, and went over it with some caulk sealant to make sure everything was water tight.

The last update for Day 30 on my travel trailer restoration is that I finally purchased a coupler lock. This has been a huge stressor for me, because without a coupler lock, someone could conceivably drive up to my home in the night, attach Judy to their tow hitch, and drive away with her. The coupler lock ran me about $25, but the peace of mind was worth much, much more than that.


Stay tuned for updates from Day 45, and beyond!


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