Day 45 – 1973 Aristocrat Lo-Liner Travel Trailer Renovation

Let me begin this blog post by saying: THE BUFFING OF THE PAINT IS COMPLETE!

I’m going to be completely transparent here and tell you that it absolutely became too much for me. After I hurt my neck doing it, I could hardly be bothered. It takes so long, and it’s so hard, I began to worry that I would never finish. Enter Shana, who came up for a weekend to help with Judy again and spent FOUR HOURS finishing all of the buffing.

Words cannot appropriately express my gratitude.



After the inside was finally clean, sealed, and dry, it was finally time to start thinking about paint! I started by deciding which parts of the trailer I wanted to paint, and taped them off. Ultimately I decided to paint cabinets, but not walls; I’d paint the closet, the kitchen cabinet, the overhead kitchen cabinet, the under the bed cabinet, and the overhead table cabinet.


Next Shana helped me remove the drawers. This part was pretty meticulous because they needed to be numbered and labeled and kept together with all of the appropriate hardware so as not to create a giant puzzle when they needed to be put back in.

I chose Sherwin Williams Extra White Medium Gloss paint for the cabinets, and Sherwin Williams Medium Gloss Golden Plumeria. I used a generic primer, which worked wonderfully 🙂



We primed all of the cabinets, then laid the doors out on my kitchen floor and primed them as well. We used angled brushes that were about 1 .5 inches wide for the priming as well as the painting.

Here are some photos of the doors before and after being primed!



Then we tag teamed to paint the cabinets with two coats of white, and the doors with two coats of yellow! We finished all the priming on Saturday, and by Sunday night all the cabinets and doors had two dry coats of fresh paint.


It took me about an hour to get all of the door handles attached to the doors again, and another hour to get the doors back onto the cabinets. The entire time I was somehow just kind of blind to how it would all turn out but HOLY MACKEREL does it look cute in there!

Before –


After –


As you can see I also started adding some of my stickers to the shelf above the bed. I collect stickers when I travel, and I had these from the trip that inspired this move 🙂 The rest will be filled out with stickers I collect on my travels with Judy ❤

The inside could be considered finished. As it stands right now, I could live in Judy. There are some things I would still like to be able to do, like replace the backsplash behind the kitchen cabinet, get carpet for the floor, and get some curtains up. That being said, I could move in tomorrow if I was in a pinch, and that lifts an enormous weight from my shoulders. My tiny space is almost ready for me.

To celebrate, I did the most characteristically me thing I could have probably ever done – I moved my books and my board games in 🙂



To date, 50+ hours worth of work have gone into Judy. Next stop: exterior paint! Thanks for being along for the ride.


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