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VidCon USThe Gender Tag meetup
June 24th 8:00pm | Fresh Faces State | Anaheim, CA

The Gender Tag Project, now nearing 1,000 individual video contributions, is a strong foundation for thoughtful conversation about differing experiences of gender. Have you made a Gender Tag video? Watched one? Never heard of the project? Join people of all varieties whose experience with gender is salient for them. There will be activities, guided conversations, and opportunities to connect with those who have similar experiences, and those who don’t.

Ashley Wylde, Catherine Simone, and Christian Covington of Boxed Wine & Bullshit will be in attendance.

VidCon USMaking It Work: LGBTQ+ Couples
June 23rd |Press Play Stage | Anaheim, CA

Some the internet’s raddest LGBTQ+ power couples discuss what it’s like to create with their significant other, the highs and lows that follow, and what it takes to make their relationships work.

Moderated by Ashley Wylde.


VidCon AU
September 9-10 | Melbourne, AU

VidCon is the world’s largest event for everyone who loves online video. Video is still an incredibly young medium, but it has already become a powerful, transformative, global force. In 2017, VidCon is expanding out of North America and into the world, and a key part of that expansion is the debut of VidCon Australia in the cultural capital of Melbourne.

Ashley Wylde will be in attendance.

Booking Inquiries: ContactAshleyWylde@gmail.com

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