Most people… are idiots. Most people, when asked, will agree that most people are idiots. Most people think that the world is largely populated by the inept, and it is, but most people think they are not most people. Most people think that they are not idiots.

I am an idiot. I spend money I don’t have, knowingly go on wild goose chases, run from things that are good for me and give up when it’s hard. My fuse is much too short and my list of excuses is far too long but I am always learning and I have learned that we can all be always learning. I have learned that we must teach each other. So I stand here humbly, not to preach and not to presume, but to ask you to afford me the gift of your open mind. I want to paint you the picture of the experience of my life, on the off chance that something I have seen will translate into something you needed to hear, and when I am done, I too will lend my ear, because I aim to always be a student of the earth.

I have learned that your intuition is both a friend and an enemy, but loves your body with the all grace of a mother. It desperately wants you and your body to love each other. I have learned that the universe is it’s own being, it talks in the currency of love, and it always pays unrealistic returns on investment. The world is a more peaceful place if we spend our days talking about what is beautiful, and not about what is unfair, and there is always beauty to be found, somewhere. I’ve learned that all anyone needs is a person who’ll listen, that plenty of sleep eliminates the need for coffee, and that a problem is also a solution.

I’ve learned that our smiles are not contracts, and a tear is not a breach. You must feel whatever you feel, whenever you feel it, always say thank you, and never apologize when you meant it. I have learned that we must always read, and never stop writing.
If you think you cannot write, then paint.
If you think you cannot paint, then sing.
If you think you cannot do any of those things… then you are being much too hard on yourself.
Eat the things that make you feel good, do the things that give you passion, share your passion with your children, and with all children, and with strangers, if they’ll hear it. Take time to clean your mind as often as often as you clean your body.

Remember that this moment is a new moment, and it does not carry the weight of the past. Nothing exists but now. Love yourself, love each other, give willingly, and never accept more than you can return. These are all the things I have learned.

Maybe you didn’t need to hear any of this, but I have already learned again just from sharing it, and now I will close my mouth, and open my ears, and I hope you will teach me a hundred more things I need to hear.

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