Human beings sleep on average eight hours of 24, or one in three. The average human then spends 33.3 percent of his or her life asleep. If there was a baby born in the moment you first closed your eyes, that grew only while they stayed shut, and you lived to be sixty-years-old, that baby would grow as old as me. This is why I trust my dreams.

Our eyes are closed often enough to become unreliable, and I for one, don’t intend to go through my life 1/3 blind. I have learned to see with my mind. Our eyes don’t bring us closer, they don’t teach us culture, they don’t bring us peace. Our eyes don’t give us hope; think of the last time you made a wish… were your eyes closed?

We remember faces but forget names, remember our day planners but forget the days. We read to say we’ve read, and not to say we’ve known. We fill our houses with colors to make them look like home. When we are wrong, we are told to open our eyes… but they are wide open cupboards, with nothing inside.

I had a dream once that I could speak as loud as violence is silent, could breathe as loud as change is bright – I had a dream that my words might make a difference, somewhere… to someone… and here I am. It wasn’t my eyes that gave me the courage to speak as tall as this room, or that lead me to love and to lose the way I have, or taught me to give, or taught me to ask – it wasn’t my eyes that stopped me and told me to change my life. The more I thought I was seeing, the more blind I became and the harder I look now, the more clearly I see that I am right… when I open my eyes, I start losing my sight.

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